“Why Do I Love or Dislike My Teacher?”


For the teachers’ day celebrated on October 5th in Armenia, DAA hospital school staff announced a competitive composition, a writing task where the school children had to describe their school routine, their teachers and reasons why they love or dislike their teachers.


Following are some extracts from the children’s writings.

My most beloved teacher is our teacher of Armenian language and literature. All my classmates love and respect Ms Lusine for her interesting and fun lessons. There is no pupil in our class who is not ready for her class. We learn a lot from her.



I love all my teachers, but my most beloved teacher is our class tutor. She takes care of us at school as if she were our mother. She is a very good listener and understands us in all our problems and questions.


Armine, 15 years

My favorite teacher teaches us Armenian language. She is a very kind person. She teaches us a lot of interesting things about our native language. She is also very caring.


Since today is the teachers’ day I would like to congratulate all the teachers with their professional day and wish them all well-behaved and interested pupils.


Nazeli, 8 years

My name is Syuzanna and I go to school in Vanadzor. I am a third grader and I love my school and my class teacher. She always tells us interesting stories and teaches us interesting facts. She also shows us how important it is to love our country and be patriotic. She teaches us to be respectful towards adults. I love my teacher because she is very caring and kind.


Syuzanna, 8 years

I don’t like my math teacher since she is very rude. She may hurt us when we do not understand something. I would love her to be more patient and explain things over when we do not understand.


Vahan, 9 years





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