The sunny morning of October 22nd, 2012 was special for the young patients of Arabkir JMC&ICAH and the pediatric department of Haematology hospital. Not only was this morning special because of the sun shining down at us, but also because it was full of surprises. The happy Clown and the Mouse organized a surprise visit to the children who were on treatment in two hospitals.


As usual the children started their day in the hospital school room with the daily tasks, group sessions and games. Suddenly, the door opened and the special visitors entered the room.


One could easily read the joy in the eyes of the children. They gathered around the guests and forgot about their pains and illness. The sound that spread from the school room onto the wards was not a usual one for the hospital. The children recited, sang songs and danced with the Mouse, solved word puzzles suggested by the Clown and watched the tricks with great pleasure. Soon the parents and sibling visiting the children as well as the nurses joined them.


The children had a great start of the day. Their hospital memories now will not only be sad and painful. At DAA hospital school we are sure that such memories will serve them good and will remain in the children’s thoughts for a long time.


We are grateful to have such friends like Grigor and the actors from the puppet show who regularly visit our children at the hospital. This is very special for each of them. They remember these visits over and over with a big smile and eyes full of happiness.


For the teachers’ day celebrated on October 5th in Armenia, DAA hospital school staff announced a competitive composition, a writing task where the school children had to describe their school routine, their teachers and reasons why they love or dislike their teachers.


Following are some extracts from the children’s writings.

My most beloved teacher is our teacher of Armenian language and literature. All my classmates love and respect Ms Lusine for her interesting and fun lessons. There is no pupil in our class who is not ready for her class. We learn a lot from her.












Public Charity Organization



I am very grateful for your kindness, care and support. May God make all the children healthy. Respectfully,


Narine Gasparyan, Alaverdy

I am very thankful. Here I was treated very well. This house is a fabulous place and the approach of the staff is unique. May God bless the PFH staff and the children who are hosted in this house.


Hasmik Khachatryan

May God bless your work and give you strong health so that you can serve the people who need your help. We are grateful for your honest and open efforts. May my grandchild also be healthy and may her eyes not see anymore tears of grief.


Hasmik’s grandmother, Seda, Gyumri

I wish no child need to be in the hospital so that no parent is preoccupied with the child’s illness. May all the children be healthy so that their parents are overwhelmed with joy and love. I am grateful to the PFH staff for such a caring attitude towards us. I wish that all the hospitals in Armenia have such facility and service. Thank you once again for everything you have done for us. Love and happiness to all of you.


Epremik’s mother, Lilit, Ashtarak, village Aruch

Everything is temporary in our lives, only our deeds remain. May your organization prosper and your staff be healthy and successful in everything they do. I think the parents hosted at the PFH are unable to describe in words their gratitude for everything you do for them. May God bless you!


Rafael’s mother

I am endlessly thankful for your caring attitude. Since my child was ill, I came here in a desperate mood, but the PFH staff relieved me from the daily issues. I wish you all good health. Respectfully,


Ara’s mother, Armine

I am very grateful for the care. I have never seen such a warm attitude towards the people and comfortable facilities free of charge. I can’t find words to describe my feelings and gratitude. Thank you very much!


Mariam’s grandmother

I love all my teachers, but my most beloved teacher is our class tutor. She takes care of us at school as if she were our mother. She is a very good listener and understands us in all our problems and questions.


Armine, 15 years

My favorite teacher teaches us Armenian language. She is a very kind person. She teaches us a lot of interesting things about our native language. She is also very caring.


Since today is the teachers’ day I would like to congratulate all the teachers with their professional day and wish them all well-behaved and interested pupils.


Nazeli, 8 years

My name is Syuzanna and I go to school in Vanadzor. I am a third grader and I love my school and my class teacher. She always tells us interesting stories and teaches us interesting facts. She also shows us how important it is to love our country and be patriotic. She teaches us to be respectful towards adults. I love my teacher because she is very caring and kind.


Syuzanna, 8 years

I don’t like my math teacher since she is very rude. She may hurt us when we do not understand something. I would love her to be more patient and explain things over when we do not understand.


Vahan, 9 years

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