Please note that in all the projects below we have not included any staff wages. The average monthly wage is approx $170 USD a month for the teachers and approx $160 per month for the psycho-social staff.


We have many different projects some of which include:


  • Annual Summer Camp - $5000.00 USD. This will allow the children who are unable to join the camp for full two weeks to make a day visit to the summer camp and approx. 100 children to participate in one day excursions.
  • Handy Craft work shops - $300.00 USD. This will cater for 40-50 children per month.
  • Computer courses - $180.00 USD. This will provide for 6 children per month.
  • Parent Support groups - $20.00 USD per week. This involves parents meeting weekly as a group with a social worker and psychologist.
  • Excursions for the children – Inner city excursions cost on average $4.00 per child and outer city excursions on average $15.00 per child (includes mini bus hire and 2 meals).
  • Educational game projects $150.00 – Educational games are expensive, so what we do is looking at the original game we show groups of parents how to recreate and build the games. They often then play with the games when the playroom is closed or the children are too sick to leave their bed.


Please contact us for more information on sponsorship and how to send financial donations (or donations in kind) to us.


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      Special Educators' Club

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