When families need to move to the city and we can not accommodate them at the PFH, our Social workers need to show them the ropes and help them get set up. This can involve helping them with the dept. of Social Security, dealing with hospital and governmental officials, understanding life in Yerevan and many more things depending on the family. It is difficult for us to fathom how unfamiliar it is to move to the city and have no money to do anything or any idea on how to even survive by doing a simple thing such as how and where to catch the buses.


This is a very labour intensive process for the Social Worker and uses up much of their time, especially in trying to find them very cheap housing (which is still expensive for most villagers).

Without the help of the Social Worker, many of these families CAN NOT cope and they will take their sick child and go back to the village, as they have no idea on how to function in the city. Village life has no reality here.


$1,200 per year will include money for food, transport, basic essentials and other needs the families will have.


Please contact us for more information on sponsorship and how to send financial donations (or donations in kind) to us.


               March 20, 2020, 15:30


      Special Educators' Club

        Due to the current situation, it has been
        postponed for an uncertain period. We
        will announce changes.

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        Mediamax, article on DAA


«Հատուկ կրթություն»
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