There are many children with chronic or terminal conditions that need to stay in hospital for lengthy periods of time. As we are unable to accommodate most people that need the PFH, we try to provide for the very poor families from the villages the same support of those living in the PFH. The main difference is the parent will sleep in the chair by the bed, or possibly share the bed with their child depending on the illness. If there is more than one parent that has come to Yerevan, the father typically will try to find anywhere he can sleep in the surrounding areas.


$600.00 USD per year will allow us to provide for a child and their family for 12 months (please note that this may happen by sponsoring 4 children for 3 months each or other variances depending on the length of their hospital stay).


Please contact us for more information on sponsorship and how to send financial donations (or donations in kind) to us.


               March 20, 2020, 15:30


      Special Educators' Club

        Due to the current situation, it has been
        postponed for an uncertain period. We
        will announce changes.

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        Mediamax, article on DAA


«Հատուկ կրթություն»
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