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      Special Educators' Club

        Venue: DAA library

         Topic:  “How to assess the activity of

                      the child? Assessment at the

                      school level”


   Դեռահասների ագրեսիվություն


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public charity organization


June 17, 2011

ADHD, Irina Tovmasyan

April, 2010

Since 1990 our primary sponsor has been the generous Swiss Charity “Verein Armenienhilfe Direkt” (VAD). After financing the DAA for over 17 years, their project winded down, and their fiscal support ceased at the end of the 2007 financial year.


In 2006 our total operating budget was $63,098.00 of which $47,586.00 was donated by the VAD. Without this money our services can not continue, and although every opportunity is taken to become fully self sustainable, due to the nature of our work this is not possible, as we will NEVER ask money off our patients or their families for the provided services.


Computer LessonAs a charity we run all our services for the children and their families free of charge.


The donations and contributions that we receive from individuals are put into the budget to help finance our services and programs.


We also have a computer teaching program that offers courses in “PC skills”, web design, video editing and photo services.


Address:  30, Mamikonyants str.,

                 Yerevan, 0014, Armenia


Phone:  +374 10 230014

Email:    daa.office@gmail.com


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