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The hospital psychosocial team members provide counseling and therapy to the children and families facing difficult challenges with overcoming or coping with an illness and moving to a new environment. Often these children and their care provider, usually the mother, lack the connection with their family (especially true when the child comes from a remote region of Armenia), who provide the much needed emotional support. It is not uncommon for the mother in this case to leave her job, other children in the family, etc. to be able to care for her sick child. All off these combined with the child’s health issues can create isolation and lead to depression. When the illness of the child prolongs the family can fall apart.

Psycho-Social ServiceDAA supports the hospital psychosocial team so that they can provide the following services:


  • Individual counseling of the children, parents and hospital school teachers
  • Psychological services (counseling and therapy) for the people with psychological difficulties
  • Social services and counseling for the parents of the chronically ill children
  • Organization of self-help groups for the patients’ parents


DAA support the psychosocial team through the organization of training courses by foreign experts and by making possible their participation in the professional trainings, workshops, discussions and roundtables.


Address:  30, Mamikonyants str.,

                 Yerevan, 0014, Armenia


Phone:  +374 10 230014



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