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Hospital SchoolThe Hospital School is aimed at discovering the educational needs of the sick children and serving them throughout the hospitalization period. On average, 800-1200 children annually use the services of the Hospital School.


The hospital school offers a special educational programme for each child. At entrance the hospital school teachers evaluate the abilities and the needs of the child in order to set up an individualized program that meets the knowledge level and the needs of the child. Due to the chronic nature of the illness, many of our pupils have missed days at school and may need to have a specially developed program to fill in the gaps.


The hospital school staff organizes the education of the chronically ill children according to the state education curriculum. However, the means and methods of teaching may differ since DAA Hospital teachers use interactive and innovative approaches in teaching, including:


  • Educational developmental games
  • Specially developed worksheets and diaries, as well as subject diaries
  • Hands-on activities
  • Festival


The combination of group and individual work helps the children to cope with their illness and to express themselves, exchange their experiences with others, build up confidence and self esteem, and finally to reintegrate themselves back into their home schools.


The hospital school staff works hard to establish connections among different educational institutions within the special education project in order to better serve the needs of the children.


Main services provided by the hospital school are:Hospital School


  • School Subject Teaching
  • Educational / Developmental Games Programme as a Valuable Tool for Teaching and Child Integration
  • Art & Craft Workshops that provide our pupils with opportunities to develop skills in different arts. The main purpose of these workshops is the social integration of the sick children and adolescents into the society
  • Computer Courses
  • Outings and Excursions, Open-Air Classes that allow the children to be away from the hospital routine for some time during the day
  • Foreign Language Courses
  • Summer Camps for Children
  • Professional Trainings for Special Education Teachers


The medical staff as well as the parents consider these educational and social programmes for the sick child as extremely valuable and indispensable.


Address:  30, Mamikonyants str.,

                 Yerevan, 0014, Armenia


Phone:  +374 10 230014



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