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Can I visit your Hospital School and the Play Rooms?

Yes, we enjoy having visitors, as do the children. Please call us on +374 10 230 014 so we can provide you with further information and organize a time.

Where are you located?

We are located about 15 minutes from the town center (assuming no traffic jams!). A taxi from the city centre will cost about 800 AMD ($2.50 USD) or you can catch the metro to Baregkamutyun and then catch the number 39 mini bus going north till you get to Arabkir JMC&ICAH.

What is DAA? What do you do?

We as an Armenian Charity were established in 1997 and since then have been running long-term services in psycho-social and educational fields for children and adolescents with chronic diseases and/or disabilities, as well for underprivileged children who require hospitalization. Click here to read more.

What is DAA's purpose or mission statement?

Our mission is to provide educational and psycho-social services for children with chronic diseases or disabilities on treatment at Arabkir JMC&ICAH and the Haematology Hospital. The services we provide are the integral part of the holistic care approach.

In which Hospitals does the DAA work?

We run the pediatric Hospital Schools and play rooms at both the "Arabkir" JMC&ICAH and the Pediatric Department of the Hematology Hospital in Yerevan.

How can I help?

To continue working with the hospitalized children we require your kind donations.


Additionally we always require office resources and educational materials.


If you have a background in Special Education, Psychology, Social Work or Language teaching, we would love to help you organize some training sessions (from 1 day to 1 year) here where you teach us new methods, techniques and update us on the latest happenings in your country and work place.


Come Volunteer with us whether you have a specialized skill or can simply spend time with the children in the play room and the wards. There are other ways you can get involved too, please phone us or send us an email.


Any direct donations can be made by check or money order to the DAA Bank Account: HSBC Bank Armenia (1 Nersisyan str. Yerevan, 0014, Armenia).


HSBC Armenia Acc: 001-061787-001 (AMD currency)

HSBC Armenia Acc: 001-061787-101 (USD currency)


or to 30 Mamikonyants str., Yerevan, 0014, Armenia, DAA Office.

Are my donation tax deductible?

Unfortunately donations made to Armenian charities are not tax deductible. However, we encourage you to contact your accountant, in order to find out details regarding donations to charities in Armenia.

Can I contribute by credit card?

Unfortunately our setup cost for this would be very high, as would the ongoing bank fees, so at this stage we can only take donations by bank transfer, cheque or cash.

What level of financial transparency do you have?

Each March we allocate the budgets within our organization and the teams work within that budget. The AGM each February reviews the finances of the previous year. Additionally, we print our detailed finances our Annual Report each year, and we provide 2 pure financial reports to the dept of tax and the pension fund.


More importantly we have had open books with the Swiss foundations and they have been involved with us since 1992 having access to our financial records at all times.


In a country that unfortunately has serious issues of corruption, we are aware of how important it is to know that financial support is utilized appropriately, and we are always happy to show people around our premises so they can physically see the results of their donations.

Can I have my contribution go to a specific person or project?

Yes, as long as the donation is within the guidelines of our program e.g. we can not give money you send to a friend or relative. They must be a patient or a direct family member of a patient being treated by the hospital. We can allocate finances as you request to the family or to a project of your choice. Please contact us for further detail.

What % of my money will be spent on administration and operational costs?

A maximum of 15% of our budget is spent on administrative costs. We are always trying to keep it as low as possible so that we have more money to work with our patients.

How high are the wages paid within the organization?

The average wage we pay our psychosocial workers is approx $150 per month and the teachers receive approx $170 per month, with the highest wage being $380. The reality is most of our staff if they worked for overseas charities based here or other organizations would receive significantly higher wages.

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