DIRECT AID ASSOCIATION (DAA) is a non-governmental charitable organization, registered in the Republic of Armenia since November 7th, 1997.


Its purpose and aims:


1. To support the organization and implementation Hospital School projects by working with both hospitalized children and the outpatients of Arabkir Joint Medical Centre (JMC) Institute of Child and Adolescent Health (ICAH) and the Pediatric Department of the Haematology Hospital.

The Hospital School is aimed at discovering the educational needs of the sick children and serving them throughout the hospitalization period. On average, 800-1200 children annually use the services of the Hospital School.


The hospital school offers a special educational program for each child. At entrance the hospital school teachers evaluate the abilities and the needs of the child in order to set up an individualized program that meets the knowledge level and the needs of the child. Due to the chronic nature of the illness, many of our pupils have missed days at school and may need to have a specially developed program to fill in the gaps.

The hospital school staff organizes the education of the chronically ill children according to the state education curriculum. However, the means and methods of teaching may differ since DAA Hospital teachers use interactive and innovative approaches in teaching, including:


  • Educational developmental games
  • Specially developed worksheets and diaries, as well as subject diaries
  • Hands-on activities
  • Festival


The combination of group and individual work helps the children to cope with their illness and to express themselves, exchange their experiences with others, build up confidence and self esteem, and finally to reintegrate themselves back into their home schools.


The hospital school staff works hard to establish connections among different educational
institutions within the special education project in order to better serve the needs of the


Main services provided by the hospital school are:


  • School Subject Teaching
  • Educational / Developmental Games Program as a Valuable Tool for Teaching and Child
  • Art & Craft Workshops that provide our pupils with opportunities to develop skills in
        different arts. The main purpose of these workshops is the social integration of the sick
        children and adolescents into the society
  • Computer Courses
  • Outings and Excursions, Open-Air Classes that allow the children to be away from the
        hospital routine for some time during the day
  • Foreign Language Courses
  • Summer Camps for Children
  • Professional Trainings for Special Education Teachers


The medical staff as well as the parents consider these educational and social programs for the sick child as extremely valuable and indispensable.

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Self sustainability

Since 1990 our primary sponsor has been the generous Swiss Charity “Verein Armenienhilfe Direkt” (VAD). After financing the DAA for over 17 years, their project winded down, and their fiscal support ceased at the end of the 2007 financial year.


In 2006 our total operating budget was $63,098.00 of which $47,586.00 was donated by the VAD. Without this money our services can not continue, and although every opportunity is taken to become fully self sustainable, due to the nature of our work this is not possible, as we will NEVER ask money off our patients or their families for the provided services.


As a charity we run all our services for the children and their families free of charge.


The donations and contributions that we receive from individuals are put into the budget to help finance our services and programs.


We also have a computer teaching program that offers courses in “PC skills”, web design, video editing and photo services.

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2. To support the implementation of the Psycho-Social Services in Arabkir JMC&ICAH by applying a holistic approach of pediatric care with the children and their families.


The hospital psychosocial team members provide counseling and therapy to the children and families facing difficult challenges with overcoming or coping with an illness and moving to a new environment. Often these children and their care provider, usually the mother, lack the connection with their family (especially true when the child comes from a remote region of Armenia), who provide the much needed emotional support. It is not uncommon for the mother in this case to leave her job, other children in the family, etc. to be able to care for her sick child. All off these combined with the child’s health issues can create isolation and lead to depression. When the illness of the child prolongs the family can fall apart.


DAA supports the hospital psychosocial team so that they can provide the following services:


  • Individual counseling of the children, parents and hospital school teachers
  • Psychological services (counseling and therapy) for the people with psychological
  • Social services and counseling for the parents of the chronically ill children
  • Organization of self-help groups for the patients’ parents


DAA support the psychosocial team through the organization of training courses by foreign experts and by making possible their participation in the professional trainings, workshops, discussions and roundtables.

3. To offer accommodation and care for the underprivileged whose children require treatment at Arabkir JMC&ICAH and Haematology hospital. Many families on treatment from regions can not afford any type of accommodation in Yerevan and the Patient Family House (PFH) est. January 2000 provides housing for them while the child is on treatment.


Patient Family House was established in 2000 based on the model of Ronald McDonald House in the UK.  The accommodation is provided to the sick child on treatment and one care provider, usually the mother. The PFH hosts patients from all the departments of “Arabkir” JMC&ICAH and pediatric department of Haematology Hospital, based on the need.


In its full capacity PFH can simultaneously accommodate 18 families in 9 cozy bedrooms with the necessary furnishing, bed linen and blankets.


The facilities available free of charge to the parents in the PFH are:


  • 5 bathrooms/toilets with cold and hot water and shower available
  • a comfortably furnished sitting room equipped with TV and library, where one can have rest, the children play different games, etc. That is the community center
  • a kitchen equipped with a fridge, gas and electric stoves, cold and hot water
  • a laundry situated in one of the bathrooms and equipped with a washing machine, drying and ironing facilities
  • a reception room, where DAA hospitable staff admits the inhabitants of the house and serves their needs connected with the accommodation in PFH


Just behind the PFH building there is a beautiful, cozy garden, where the inhabitants can

spend their free time among the colored flowers and trees, especially in hot summer.


Upon request or need, DAA hospital teachers organize individual classes with the patients
in the PFH, according to the state school curriculum.

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Joe initially arrived in Armenia in 2006 as a member of the Armenian Volunteer Corps and has been with a returning volunteer with us since then working with our psycho-social team, teaching English, running training programs and assisting our organization in various ways each time he returns to do more volunteer work, with his most recent stay in 2012.


Additionally Joe has worked on other projects such as helping establish a hospitality training school in Gyumri, working at children’s summer camps and running training programs in business skills and online e-commerce in addition to numerous one off projects with other organizations and businesses requiring assistance with their operations.


Joe brought with him openness in accepting people as they were; while at the same time discerning the diamonds from the rough with his work priorities and the people he was dealing with.  These qualities have resulted in Joe not only being a volunteer with us, but rather becoming a part of the DAA family and one of our friends. Although Joe will be leaving us at the end of June 2012, we look forward to his return in the future.


One of his special fields of interest was at the Children’s Haematology Hospital where he has been involved in helping the patients as a counselor, working with the playroom teachers and fund raising for the children’s hospital for renovation work.  The first renovation to take place was the children’s play room and the following was the dilapidated kitchen.


Although Joe will be leaving us in June 2012, he will be continuing his work with us as our representative overseas. We wish him all the luck and encourage you to get in touch with Joe if you would like any further information or can help him help the children.



Virginia has arrived to Armenia in September of 2007 as a volunteer through Armenian Volunteer Corp and started working with us since


Her mission with us was helping the school teachers of both hospitals, Haemotology Hospital, and “Arabkir” Joint Medical Centre, as well
teaching English twice a week.


Virginia has graduated Medical Institute of Yerevan in 1978. Helped with her community in Houston, still was not enough, she decided to
come to the Armenia and help the needy.


Virginia is a very polite and good hearted person, which she provided not only with for volunteer work but also by her becoming a
member of DAA family and one of our best friends.


We will miss her a lot, when she returns to the USA. We are also hopeful that she will come back and work with us for a longer period of


We wish her good health and good luck.

where we work

We run the pediatric Hospital Schools and play rooms at both the Arabkir JMC&ICAH and the Pediatric Department of the Haematology Hospital in Yerevan.


Psychologists and Social Workers are also located at both centers throughout the week.


The Patient Family House is located behind Arabkir JMC&ICAH. However we accommodate families from Haematology Hospital on as needed basis.










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